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Odyssey Key Contacts KIT

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Price: $80.00
Item Number: 2202801

ARP Odyssey key contact springs

This kit includes 37 contact springs for the CV only.
The  Synthesizer used tiny Gold Plated Spring type contacts to generate the CV (Control Voltage)
for setting the Pitch of the instrument. These contacts may not be working correctly and cause the pitch to be erratic.
A common symptom is a rising pitch when a key is pressed. Cleaning the contacts would normally bring the contact back
to life. Over the years, the contact gold can be worn off. Cleaning will be needed more often.

Replacing the Contacts with new ones is more reliable. This kit contains one contact per note on the keyboard, 37 contacts in all.
If you would like to replace the Trigger contacts too, you will need a second kit.
also see Bus Bars and Contact PCB Mounting Standoffs.

The Insertion tool makes installing the contact into the actuator arm simple and easy, well worth the extra money.