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Mini Moog Oscillator Board Trim Pot Kits

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Price: $48.00
Item Number: 028 403


Board Number

We have searched the planet looking for replacement Trim Pots to replace the old and worn out pots.
To date we have not found any. So, We contacted the OEM Supplier and got quotes to make new ones.
The pricing was frightening!

So I came up with this idea, Make an adapter PC Board and mount commonly available trimmers on the adapter board and
make it fit the original mounting hole pattern.

Look at what I came up with. These adapter boards mount in the holes of the old pots. The new trimmers are set
in the same  position for easy tuning just like the originals so you do not have to remove the back cover.

This kit for the Oscillator Board includes 7 adapter Boards, 4 mounting pins for each board, and the 7 trim pots.

We are finishing up the YouTube Video the show how easy this modification is.

Click here for a schematic

The Oscillator Board is the most popular Item listed here, but we have the kit for the other boards too.

The VCF\VCA Board has 6 pots, adapter boards and pins.

The Power Supply Board has 3 pots. The web site adjusts the price when you put it into your shopping cart.

We have a PDF detailing the locations and Values, please email us at and request the file.