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Mini Moog Control Pots

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Price: each
Item Number: 028-XXX



The Pots were a High Quality sealed controls. They were sealed to keep out contamination. Cleaning these pots is difficult as they were sealed. In time they get noisy or scratchy. We have found an equivalent High Quality Control Pot that is a good match to the originals. Replace your old worn out control pots with these and you will not be sorry!

The Pots are Used for the Following:
028 014 Osc 3 Modulation Mix, All Oscillator Mixer Volumes, Noise Volume, and the Pitch Wheel.

028 Modulation Wheel

028 016 VCF Emphesis

028 021 VCF & VCA Attack and  Decay, and External Volume Input.

028 058 Oscillator Frequency #2 and 3, Filter Cutoff, Filter Amount of Contour, VCF & VCA Sustain, Main Volume, Head Phone Volume

028 002 Glide pot note: We have substituted to the 1 Meg value from the stock 3 meg. We found that this works very well.
Our survey says that almost no one ever used the Glide pot set to maximum Glide time. Therefore the Value of 1 Meg will work for 99% of all players.