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Mini Moog Capicator Refurb kit

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Price: $95.00
Item Number: 925 040209

Mini Moog Capacitor Refurbish kit
This kit has recently been expanded to include the Tantalum Caps on the Oscillator Board,
and all the Main Filter caps in the Power Supply. It now includes 31 parts.

The Capacitors in all electronic equipment age over time and their effectiveness diminishes.

Old Caps diminish the sound quality and can fail completely. Replacing the old caps with new ones will restore
the normal Sound Quality and operation. Prevent damage from leaking caps, and replace them now.

This kit includes all of the Caps that we have seen on the Mini Moog Model D.
The Values of the Caps are selected to be electrically compatible with the original values.

Please note that over time the available values are not exactly the same. We have tested the values
selected for this kit and verified that they work as well or better than the originals.
In some cases the Voltage rating is pushed up to select a component that "Looks" like it should be there.
Over the years we have reduced the size of the components and when we got the exact electrical values
some of the parts just looked too small. The higher voltage rating will not compromise the performance.

You may have a part left over due to the different production runs and subtle changes from the factory.

The caps are bagged separately for each board.
A PDF is available as a replacement guide and we also have a text document to help you.
Please email us at and request the PDF.