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ARP 4035 VCF Reproduction

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Price: $129.00
Item Number: 4035

Made for replacement of defective filter modules in ARP Odyssey Instruments and the Omni. 

 ARP Instruments were made the Filter Modules as a potted sub-assembly. If the Filter Module fails, it must be replaced. CAE found the circuit diagram for this module and recreated this part. We do not pot ours and it can be repaired if needed.

 Our 4035 / 4057 Module is a direct replacement for the potted modules, no modification is needed to use them. Each unit is handmade, and is tested before it is shipped. This Filter Module can also replace the 4023 Module with some circuit revisions. See ARP FCN 007 9/3/76 available upon request.

This VCF can be used in other project designs.The Module has a gain of 30 times at 1KHz (with no feedback around the circuit). The frequency response is flat from 50Hz to 10KHz +0 -.5dB  Input level should not exceed .3 Volts Peak to Peak. A Bi-Polar 15 Volt supply is needed.